Summer is a colorful season. Besides the eye-catching clothing, the Sunseeka collection from Must by Grafix helps dressing up your face as well. Sunseeka collection makes use of rich metallic color as the key selling point. Followed by the high-tech PVD coating, the color of the frames is long-lasting, bright and eye-catching. User can also mix and match for the temple and front with their preference, adding up the stylish mirror lenses, an unique sunglasses can be tailor-made for the user by themselves.

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夏天是一個充滿色彩的季節,除了豔麗服飾,MUST by Grafix Sunglasses同時讓眼睛綻放夏日色彩。Must Sunglasses以豐富的顏色作為主要元素,利用出色且先進的PVD塗層技術,令鏡框顏色耐用多變、鮮麗奪目。用家更可挑選心儀顏色的鏡腿作混搭,再配以緊貼潮流的水銀鏡片,塑造一副具獨特性的專屬太陽眼鏡,於炎炎夏日散發出個性魅力,用眼睛大放異彩。

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夏天是一个充满色彩的季节,除了艳丽服饰,MUST by Grafix Sunglasses同时让眼睛绽放夏日色彩。 Must Sun-glasses以丰富的颜色作为主要元素,利用出色且先进的PVD涂层技术,令镜框颜色耐用多变、鲜丽夺目。用家更可挑选心仪颜色的镜腿作混搭,再配以紧贴潮流的水银镜片,塑造一副具独特性的专属太阳眼镜,于炎炎夏日散发出个性魅力,用眼睛大放异彩。

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