Top-notched technology from Germany

Where MUSTbygrafix is manufactured, Germany has renowned long history of craftsmanship and technology. The optical industry was established in Rathenow, Germany over 200 years ago – often referred to as the “cradle of optical goods”.

Founded in 1999, MUSTbygrafix continues a centuries-long tradition of glasses manufacturing in Germany, a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. Extended by the Germany automobile heavy industry to light-weight eyewear using superior laser cutting, resistance welding systems with hydraulic motions and other technology to achieve the highest quality ever for each pair of eyewear – in fit and style.

All-titanium eyewear

MUSTbygrafix has chosen high-tech materials for all frames – with 0.8mm durable lightweight β- titanium metal. It weighs only about 9 grams, dedicated for intelligent executive who looks for convenience and comfort.

Unique rolling hinge design

MUSTbygrafix series employ screwless hinge design and high-density fiber for temple assembling, which is a quality synthetic plastic used on cars, with higher usage stability. It is an innovative development under MUSTbygrafix’s own studio and Applied Science department at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

The latest technology, paired with synthetic materials used in automotive industry, facilitate the hydraulic motion of the movement of the hinge – withstanding 20,000 times of actions without wear and tear.

Laser cutting trio tumbling

The secret behind MUSTbygrafix to maintain its high quality products is attributable to its large-scale production backup facilities. In addition to superior laser cutting, technologies like welding and resistance welding systems and hydraulic motions are just as important.

MUSTbygrafix uses laser cutting equipment with high precision and triple vibration-grinding procedures. Polishing is done with a large roller in the first 72 hours, followed by sanding in a medium roller for 48 hours. Finally, after 36 hours of polishing with grinding powder, the surface is well-polished and coloring post-treatment can be done with improved results.

Excellent color PVD coating

The most unique is the colour coating: rich PVD coating (vacuum anodized conductance) is used so that colour will be more durable and well-coated to the titanium surface. Hence creating unique styles and colour combinations with personal touch: lake blue, lime, pink, purple or even gradient blue.

Style mix and match

MUSTbygrafix caters for different occasions, there are vast variety of colours for temples suitable for various color combinations – mix and match for different fashion outfits. There can be as many as hundreds of kinds of color combinations to match different face and personality.

With the Unique rolling hinge design, the frame can make adjustment of temples more convenient. Face-fitting will be a no-brainer. Personal character can easily be showcased with combinations of frame-shapes, innovative parts and colour combinations.

Five series under MUSTbygrafix :

  • Masta 9 – MUSTbygrafix’s flagship series, all-titanium material, durable and high quality series for the executives with taste
  • Brighta 6 – Moderate width, clear silhouette, for who is seeking a special lifestyle
  • Painta – Colorful acetate coupled with titanium for the temple part, match with different fashion styles and outfits
  • Galaxius – Thinness collection with excellent frameless experience
  • SunSeeka – Classic design, coupled with ultra-lightweight materials for easy travel and outdoor usage.